The mission of photography

Photography is often believed to have a very specific mission. Apparently, many people are in favour of saying that it is the responsibility of photographers to capture the reality that we live in for future generations.
Even though taking photos has now many rivals which claim to be more efficient and more capacious as media of data transfer, photography still remains immensely powerful and influential.

For some reason both television and…

For some reason both television and the Internet cannot beat taking photos which makes them play second fiddle to the magic of photography. According to experts, there’s something very unique about a good photo which cannot quite be replicated by video footage or a news report even though they are so common nowadays. A good photo carries something much more than just what one can see in the picture. Artists and professionals have mastered a technique of getting across a whole variety of messages or even feelings.



Little wonder, then, photography is often held…

Little wonder, then, photography is often held responsible for documenting the world that we live in in order to promote all the good things and condemn all the bad ones so that the same mistakes aren’t made in the future. As a result, then, the future of photography is absolutely secure in spite of the rapid development of all sorts of technologies that involve video footage.

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